Raindrops Gummy Candy Sushi Bento Box with 6 Kinds of Sushi Rolls and Garnishes – 1 Tray with 21 Sushi Bites of Marshmallows, Licorice, Sour Strips, Gummi Bears and Fish – Fun and Unique Candy Gifts

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Looks Like Sushi…Tastes Like Candy!

Surprise and delight friends and family with this bento box full of a variety of sushi rolls and garnishes. The candy sushi is so yummy and fun it will be a gift they’ll remember. Best of all, the candies taste as good as they look! Each piece is sweet, sour or fruity with different textures and consistencies. The bento box makes a funny, yummy and unique gift for birthdays and holidays.

Each Candy Bento Box Contains:

  • 4 Nigiri - Marshmallows Topped with Gummy Fish
  • 4 California Rolls - Marshmallows Topped with Sour Gummy Belts
  • 3 Uramaki - (Sour Gummy Rings with Gummy Bears
  • 4 Maki - Sour Licorice Bites Wrapped in Gummy Belts
  • 4 Ikura with Masago - Candy-Coated Gum Drops
  • 2 Koikuchi - Licorice Ropes

    Raindrops Candies specializes in gummy candies and brings joy to children and adults alike. We differentiate ourselves by providing an unforgettable experience with our cute, yummy and quality gummies. Our fun candies make your moments special. Enjoy our candy doughnuts, cakes, flower bouquets, pizzas, burgers, hotdogs, sushi and much more. Enjoy the adventure!

    • FUN GUMMY CANDY: A super cute box full of sushi-shaped candies modeling real sushi rolls and garnishes, all arranged on a bento box tray. 21 pieces.
    • 6 KINDS OF CANDY SUSHI: The sushi box offers a great variety of sushi candy to enjoy. Includes colorful and tasty gummies in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Great for sushi lovers.
    • SWEET, FRUITY, SOUR: Yummy novelty candy that not only taste great, but is super fun to eat, especially with chopsticks. Enough for everyone to enjoy!
    • RESEALABLE PACKAGE: Can’t eat it all at once? No problem - just put the “left-over” sushi back in the box and snap the lid back in place. Enjoy more later.
    • MAKES A UNIQUE GIFT: Looking for a unique gift to give? This sushi bento box will surprise and delight them and will be a gift they’ll remember. Be the cool gift-giver this season!